Interview with Sarim Ali,Singer

When we got the chance to interview Sarim Ali, all we knew was his passion for music and his soothing voice. Heading the Swarmudra society of GGSIPU, Sarim Ali has given a number of performances, but the one in Anugoonj was the most memorable. Currently settled in Delhi, he has his own band - Ruhaniyat, and is actively performing. This interview is an inspiration to the youth and not only brings out his humbleness but will motivate you to follow your dreams!

Q. What are your main inspirations and greatest influences?

Ans. My inspirations are all the legends who have made music what it is perceived as today. Since my genre is semi classical and bollywood I admire what legends like Ustad Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan Sahab gave to the world of music, Kailash kher, Rahat Fateh Ali Khan, Sonu Niggam are all my idol and I look upto these singers for inspiration.

Q. What were the major obstacles of your life during this journey? Any instance you would like to share?

Ans. I have been really passionate about music and this took me a long way through. Being a science student in school I had an added pressure on me to do well and be serious in academics, that came especially from my father. My mother supported me throughout because she herself is a singer and used to be a prominent name in the school, college choir and events. Just to pursue music I dropped science and took Arts so that I can manage music and experience a whole lot of challenges outside school, so I planned to go to D.U . Since then there has not been any looking back. I did music for myself, and whatever I achieved made me happy and kept me going. All this while my parents also understood my seriousness for my hobby and then supported me while I kept achieving accolades and praises. Graduation done, Masters done, my main obstacle is how to manage job with music. I am apparently managing it somehow. Lets see how far it goes.

Q. What does Success means to you?

Ans. Achieving what I dreamt of and being satisfied is my funda of success.

Q. What it is your opinion for this industry?

Ans. Now that’s something which makes every other person/artist like me disappointed. You definitely need to have contacts or someone who can guide you through which is not the case with everyone. This industry is really hard to survive in. Trends keep on changing, but if you’re true in whatever you do. Trust me No One, No one can stop you!! To go up and get a break to work with the finest directors or bollywood is a far off thing for people like us, but no one knows what destiny awaits for us.

Q. What are you upto next? What the does future hold?

Ans. I am currently performing with my band Collision Theory and our Sufi ensemble Ruhaniyat at Cafes across Delhi. To perform at a major platform is what I dream of. I am a performer and would love to perform for thousands and lakhs of people( Inshallah ), but right now juggling between a job and music is getting a little hectic for me as I cannot leave both. I don’t know what future has it for me but if things keep falling into places as I’ve planned, my hardwork will definitely payoff.

Q. What do you think of a platform like Starsoutline?

Ans. Its a great platform, as soon as I got to know from Siddharth I was really excited about it, as even I wanted someone to help me in college to pursue my dream and a platform like this would definitely help college students get great opportunites for their passion and do what makes them happy. All the best to the team of Starsoutline.

Interview with Rahnuma,Theatre Society-IGDTUW

Rahnuma Society is one of the most active societies in the Delhi network. Paridhi is an integral member of the society eshtablished in 2013, the society has gained great accolades and achievements. We had the opportunity to have a small diary interview with Paridhi who will surely be an inspiration to all the rookies of this field.

Q.Tell us about the major accomplishments of your society so far?

Ans. Apart from all the wins, these were the major accomplishments ,1st position at IIT kharagpur and IIFT delhi.

Q. . What change do you see in yourself after being a part of this society?

Ans. After being a part of this society, I think about the little choices we make in daily life which may somehow support many social issues.

Q. What is the importance of such society in colleges?

Ans. They teach you how to work in a team and also makes your thinking broad and makes you aware of all the social and political problems and how you as a person can bring a change in the betterment of this society.

Q. . What challenges do you face while organizing any event?

Ans. You have to send invites to all teams and judges, take registrations and scripts of all teams which are interested, through mail, also do all the arrangements at the event location.

Q.How do you plan to make the most out of a platform like StarsOutline?

Ans. Starsoutline is a great platform for all the societies to get involved with each other, to create and know about other events.

Interview with Siddhant Talwar

The dais education initiative is an education management company offering skill building workshops in Public Speaking, International Affairs, Political Affairs, Legal Affairs, Policy Analysis, English Theatre and Leadership to educational institutions. Siddhant Talwar who is currently managing the theatre workshops has been a part of theatre society of GGSIPU for last 3 years. A mentor who has integrated his passion for theatre understands the practical and personal aspects of learning and performance.

Q.How would you describe the company's culture and work environment?

Ans. Our company emphasis upon strong interpersonal relationships along with professional bonds that so make it a worthwhile organisation to workand associate with. the opportunity for personal growth is immense and one gets to learn something new everyday.

Q. How do you evaluate success here?

Ans. The satisfaction that one gets while working with students and changes that we see in them are probably the best evaluation of success for us along with the confidence that the organisation instils in them.

Q. What distinguishes this company from it's competitors?

Ans. we are ready to gothe extra mile just for the sake of the students and try and understand where the child is facing a problem.also the strong and happy office culture also i feel distinguishes us from the rest.

Q. What are the keywords you're looking for in the employee?

Ans. loyalty. commitment. and the will to change and fight till the end.

Q.What do you think of StarsOutline?

Ans. its an amazing initiative and provides for one platform for many people in this field.